Random word writing exercise #1 : The Dark

I decided to start working my writing muscles by using a random word generator.

The rules are simple : Go to a random word generator (I used this one) and generate random words, pick out one and just go on a word rampage that includes said word. See what comes out.

I got the word fuse.

Alright, here we go.

Lightning crashed outside the window. Beside that sudden light, the hallway was pitch black. For some reason, the security guard’s flashlight no longer worked. It had probably stopped working at the same time as everything else in his booth, when he heard the huge explosion outside. He went to open the fusebox on his floor and quickly pulled back his hand. That thing was scalding hot. With the long part of his flashlight, he was able to finally get it open, only to be greeted by a wall of smoke and the scent of burnt plastic and wiring. Coughing, he pushed the box closed again. He could forget about the lights for tonight. He opened the stairwell door and peered around. Even with his eyes completely adjusted to the dark, he could barely make out the stairs. Getting to the lobby without wearing his spine as a necklace was going to be a chore. Suddenly, he spotted a faint light coming from one of the windows at the end of the hall. He slowly made his way towards it. Something crunched under his feet. He bent down and picked up a tiny piece of something. It felt like glass. The blast, whatever that was, had apparently blown out some windows. Great, he thought. This just gets better and better. He flicked the little bit of glass and walked towards the light. A faint breeze hit him as he got to the window.




The nearby parking lot was gone. It had literally ceased to exist.


Only a charred hole surrounded by red hot slag remained.


Hundreds of shadows with seemingly no sources blurred out and around the glowing, seemingly bottomless, crater and darted into the surrounding darkness and towards his building. Screams and a few gunshots could be heard in the distance.


A chill suddenly went up his spine and then there was nothing.




The security guard fell to the floor and his head followed suit a few seconds later.


That look of frozen confusion on his face would be shared by many that night. A night that would change everything. A night that would be forever known in infamy as the day that mankind met The Dark.


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