An eternity of bad luck

The video on YouTube starts with a close-up of a pile of broken glass on the floor. The viewpoint suddenly swings around to focus on the cameraman’s face. He’s a sweaty man in his early 30s. He seems to be winded and sitting againt’s a wall.

“Don’t move! Keep your eyes on me, on this video. Think fast. Is there a mirror in the room you are currently in?”

We hear a sound in the distance. It’s too far away to make out what it is but the man clearly heard it too and looks up or a moment before focusing back on the camera. He sniffs and wipes his brow with his forearm. His voice is trembling.

“If the answer is yes : slowly make your way to it and shatter it! Whatever you do, do NOT look at it or your reflection. This is how they trap you and enter our world”.

Sudden realisation washes over his face and he quickly corrects :

“No no wait! Don’t do that. Do you have neighbors who could hear you? They might have already been exchanged. If that’s the case, the last thing we want to do is make any noises.”

He swallows loudly, his face is a mask of panic and terror.

“Carefully take the mirror and lay it down, face first, on the floor. Do the same for all remaining mirrors in your location. You will not truly be safe until you are somewhere with no intact mirrors but things would be alot worse if we got their attention.”

We hear the same sound, but this time it seems to be getting closer. The man looks up nervously before quickly looking back at the camera.

“I don’t have much time. You are in grave danger. Move quickly and try to find somewhere to hide. Don’t look at anybody in the eyes. Don’t take any chance!”

We hear glass break. The man speaks faster.

“I can’t confirm it but please approach any reflective surfaces the same way, you are not s-”

The power is suddenly cut and your computer dies.

Your reflexion in the dead monitor looks happy to see you.


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